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Providing intelligence and insights via strategic quantum research on innovations in various industry areas!

About Us

Strategic Quantum Research With Or Without Scientific Experimentation

We do strategic quantum research with and without scientific experimentation based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and solve the world’s biggest problems. We offer wide-spectrum research and development services for various fields, including quantum computer technologies, full-stack quantum computing, quantum networks, quantum key distribution, quantum encryption, and more.


Our Quantum AI R&D Services

TORII Technology Corporation is an international network of highly qualified, skilled, and experienced quantum AI R&D professionals who share a passion for quantum technologies, enabling us to offer innovative AI-based R&D services.

Quantum Computing Technologies

Our quantum research and development scientists help clients solve problems by doing scientific research using quantum theory and doing experiments to test whether or not their solutions work.

Full Stack Quantum Computing

Our full-stack quantum computing R&D helps clients make good on their promise and create a cost-effective and scalable machine, which will help them bring quantum information science into a new era of productivity.

Quantum Error Correction

We comprehensively investigate fault-tolerant processing, an essential fundamental technology, and help our clients protect quantum data from errors.

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

We offer QKD research and development services based on AI and help our clients benefit from a secure communication system for exchanging encryption keys between shared parties.

We Help Cutomers

Unrivaled Quantum AI R&D Expertise

We accelerate advances in quantum computing, improve error correction in quantum systems, and make large-scale quantum computers possible.

Why Choose Us?

Our Quantum AI R&D services provide more improved product/service solutions and help modern businesses build the most favorable virtual assistants. Our AI experts more accurately understand and gauge the emotional state of customers and help them by building the best solutions for their diverse project needs!


Succour The Customer Better

“TTC is the professional quantum AI R&D service provider that helped me write AI algorithms which further assisted me in achieving accurate results. I recommend TTC to all!”

David Smith

“I’m from the gaming industry, and I would like to share my experience here, I heavily benefited from TTC’s advancements in quantum AI, helping me create the game with realistic, non-playable characters. Great job!”

John Kelly

“TTC has the potential to generate patient-centric documentation of medical necessity by applying their proven quantum AI-based clinical algorithms. Their state-of-the-art AI-enabled analytics reviewed and analyzed our medical necessity documentation and improved accuracy in the claims process, reducing the loss of revenue.”

Sophia K.

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